Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pear on the rocks

Well I did not feel like painting, so I got out my coloured pencils and fine point marker and went to town in my sketch book. I really enjoyed getting lost in the meditative and slightly mundane actions of cross hatching and shading.

Some times getting started on a painting seems like a huge chore but picking up my sketch book and a couple of coloured pencils feels more light hearted and not quite so daunting.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Red Pepper

This is the first semi successful painting I've worked on since this fall. I have not done myself any favours by not painting regularly and I will be dedicating part of  my day hopfully everyday to painting.

This red pepper was all done in acrylic but I would like to go in with a touch of oils here and there where I had trouble blending the colours. I love the way oils feel and the natural glow that comes from them but it seems a tad bit easier to jump into a painting session with acrylic, I think it's because I am more familiar with them and they dry so quickly that I can apply glazes and build up the painting quicker.

Anyway now that I have a game plan lets see how well I can stick to it!