Thursday, November 19, 2015

Intuitive painting.

I really enjoy painting and have pretty much always painted in a realistic style but a couple of years ago I was introduced to intuitive painting. I have never been so happy or free while painting as I am when I paint intuitively. It is very liberating to smear, dab, spray and let paint run with not much though to an outcome or how much the paint or canvas cost (this canvas is 4 feet x 4 feet and cost me $16 to make). Just pick a colour and a spot and let it fly!

I have had a few "failures" while painting intuitively but you know,,,, I just gessoed over top and started a new one, cost maybe a dollar or two, price of a cup of coffee at most. I am not sure I always learn something when I paint this way but then again, for me it is more about the moment and the feeling than what is left on the canvass. That is the hard part, allowing any outcome and not judging it good or bad but more so how it felt, did you loose yourself in the process, were you able to relax and unwind?

For me it is always more about the energy that I want to communicate onto the canvas with paint, hard and soft edges, gradations and sudden colour changes. Contrasts in colour and colour harmony, it is all so interesting how it flows together and to just let go of what we think painting is or should be and just allow it to be whatever you need or want it to be.

I am gearing up to teach some workshops locally in the new year and plan also to have some online tutorials and meet ups to go over some of the techniques and ways to prepare to be able to just let go and leave the rules checked at the door. Instead to tap into intuition and allow it to flow and dominate the painting session.

The only close up pic I have with my sweet grandson who loves to paint with his Nana.