Monday, July 25, 2011

One Tree

I was painting last night to some music (One Tree by Mishka) for the Daily Paintworks Challenge and this little tree popped out. It still needs some TLC once it's dried a bit, I really loved the soft colours and edges and the calm mood.

I used Winsor Newton w/s oils and they are terrific, very soft and buttery and do not seperate or get gummy when you thin with water. The other  w/s oils that I have painted with are very sticky and don't accept much water to thin them out before they start to gum up and seperate.

There seems to be alot of debris that got mixed into this painting, I was using a old wash cloth to wipe my brushes as I had run out of my blue disposable shop towel that are so handy to have around, so I'll have to try to pick that out!

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